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“I hate everything about you” or “Governance”

via mafleen on flickr

“I hate everything about you, why do I love you?” — I hate everything about you by Three Days Grace.  A couple months ago I asked folks on Twitter if IT governance was helpful or a hinderance.  You’d be surprised by the reactions, at least I was.  Back in the day when I was a server hugger in my former life, I hated any form of governance that was going to slow me down. Ok, I need to level with you, I still feel that way.  The operative phrase here is “slow me down”.  There is something have come to respect over the past 5 years when I stopped focusing on what brand of processor or type of server to buy.  I started talking to folks in the business who had loftier goals than I did which was moving the ball forward.  I started to *get it*.  It’s about moving the collective agenda forward.

I realized that you can embrace governance when you have all the key stakeholders involved and this means that you should be able to set up a framework and template for classes of IT offerings.  Why does it mean so much to me?  Because I’ve never seen this offered in a package that appeals to the CxOs and server huggers at the same time.  A vblock (EMC storage, Cisco network and compute, and VMware) represent this union.  Coupled with Unified Infrastructure Manager and some open api’s, we can start to realize a service catalog built around governance that provides the business a lot of agility.  A huge benefit, albeit an uncomfortable one, is removing NRE or non-recoverable engineering from the technology cycle.  I know it’s not perfect but now we get to focus on the important stuff.

There are some really cool sessions around Vblock and VCE at VMworld.  You can find more info here.