The purpose of this blog is to contribute useful information to people about managing data and infrastructure in small to large enterprise environments. It’s here to talk about trends, rules and how to break or best them.

Who am I? My name is Ed Saipetch and I work in the Office of the CTO at CenturyLink. Prior to that I was the Director of Alliances and Channels at Inktank and the Senior Technical Director at Joyent.  I focus a bit on storage and cloud and how they work together. I blog here and co-host the SpeakingInTech podcast.

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  1. David

    Good post about why desktop virtualization projects fail. Some of those are also reasons why so many have not yet gotten off the ground. At VMworld, you hear the same story over and over: too complex, too much money. I work for NComputing and we have a different approach taht delivers great end-user experience and saves money (a lot) on day one– not just over time. We’ve already sold over 2 million. You might want to check it out.

  2. The gang

    Hi Ed,

    Sorry to hear you lost your “home movie” coillection when you handed your memory stick in to Ocarina.

    The gang

  3. Richard D

    Hello Mr. Saipetch , my name is Richard Dixon. I am currently a college student at NIU in Dekalb, Illinois in the U.S.

    I wanted to ask if you have any advice for someone looking to break into the Storage Networking Industry as a Career? I would greatly appreciate anything you have to share. Thank you.

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