DrupalCon: Content management, opensource and the enterprise

A couple of weeks ago Savvis we sponsored DrupalCon 2013 in Portland.  We’re known as an enterprise cloud provider so why did we do this?

A couple of reasons:

1) We launched some Drupal-specific offerings around hosting and cloud instances.

2) We want to get closer to developers, they’re important.

3) We can bring our experience running enterprise workloads to a disruptive CMS platform.

4) We built this city on rock’n’roll. Ok no we didn’t but we’re definitely continuing the process of innovating as we always have.

I was able to spend some time with Holly Ross who is an executive director at the Drupal Foundation and Joaquin Lippincott at Metal Toad Media.  It was interesting discussing the CMS market, disruption by opensource, governance models and a whole slew of other things like glitter dusted unicorns.  Have a listen if you’re interested in hearing more.

What’s exciting to me is getting closer to the application owners and developers.  They have a lot of importance in an organization these days.  As we continue to go after this market (developers in the enterprise and developers in general) I’d love to hear from you if you have an opinion about how service providers can service them better. 

Drupal is an extremely flexible platform but it takes a bit of skill to get it running and customized.  Holly said ease of use is one of the big focuses of Drupal 8.  We talked about how people get lazy and use what they know (e.g. WordPress) and then end up with something hacked together and limited in functionality.  

It’s obvious that opensource platforms need a good balance between the geeks who write the guts and people who know usability.

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