Another bridge crossed – Joining Joyent

One of my best friends, Erin Banks, and I always talk about how life is about crossing bridges.  I’ve just crossed another bridge.  With a lot of heartache and turmoil but much excitement, I’ve accepted the role of Senior Technical Director at Joyent.  I’ve always wanted to help guide cloud strategy and this puts me close to the driver’s seat.

The next chapter…

I can’t express how excited I am to join Joyent.  I’ve always been a geek at heart and have loved Solaris, Dtrace, ZFS and all of the insane innovation Sun Microsystems did back in the day.  Joyent built their platform on Opensolaris but have hired much of the innovators that were previously at Sun/Oracle on the core elements that matter. Years ago I started following the Joyent folks and I was always impressed at how they innovated and had a vision of what they saw cloud to be.  They have amassed an incredible amount of talent and I’ve always had a ton of respect for Jason Hoffman and David Paul Young for their vision.  Now I get to play a big big part in making that vision become pervasive.  There will be more coming as I get planted at Joyent.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that I was given at EMC beginning with Aaron Chaisson hiring me last year.  He’s a phenomenal individual who let me thrive in the beginning and helped me in any way he could.  I joined the vSpecialist team when it was roughly 24 people and it has grown to over 100 which is representative of the success the team has.  I learned a phenomenal amount from the likes of Chad Sakac, Erin Banks, Justin Lauer, Jonathan Donaldson, Tommy Trogden, Rick Scherer, Scott Lowe, Jim Ruddy, Nick Weaver, Sharon Isaacson, John Avery, Denis Guyadeen, Dennis Hoffman, Chris Birdwell, Kevin Zawodzynski, Ben Dunning, Wade O’Harrow and too many others to name.  I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again, you become part of a family and it’s an unbelievable feeling knowing that your brothers and sisters on the team will lay down on train tracks for you.  It’s been an amazing time and a pleasure working at EMC.  I’ll miss it but I’m looking forward to tackling some insane challenges ahead.


  1. Nicholas Weaver

    Good luck man. I don’t think you need it though. You are a man who makes people think, projects move forward, and connections happen. I know this is exactly what you have been wanting to do. This is a great example to encourage everyone in this season of Information Tech that we can follow our dreams.

    I expect great things because you set the bar high as a vSpec.

    FYE – But, only out of jealousy 🙂

  2. Matthew Leib

    This couldn’t happen to a more talented and dedicated individual. You’ve consistently proven your skills, intelligence and grace. I’ve seen your ability to think on your feet, and think around an issue.

    I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to have worked with you as a vSpecialist, and to have learned from you. I’ve enjoyed listening you to on your many attendences on podcasts, and have enjoyed your sense of humor in social gatherings as well.

    You will perform this new task with the same grace and skill with which you’ve always performed previous ones.

    Proud to call you a friend, and proud to call you a peer.



  3. Ed Valasek

    Good Luck, Ed! Long time since we have chatted but heard the great news and sounds like a great opportunity! Congrats…..

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  5. Sean Clark

    Congrats on crossing the latest bridge. It’s been a pleasure watching your career take off the last couple years.

    And now to learn more about Joyent……


    Sean Clark

  6. Devang

    Hi Ed, congratulations to the move, I know you will excel here the same like you did at EMC and in the past. This is great news!!!


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